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The “Movement for the Protection & Restoration of the Great River of Rafina” is a citizens’ movement that, since its establishment in 2015, has been constantly fighting to protect the Great River against any anti-environmental threats. The Movement seeks to cancel the Great River management project, that will channelize 17 km of natural riverbed, destroying the rich ecosystem and turning the river into an open stormwater conduit.

At the same time, the Movement organizes information and awareness actions in order to make known to the general public the great ecological importance of the river, the irreparable destruction that is about to take place as well as the alternative solutions that exist for its gentle management, such as Nature-based Solutions ( ΝbS). Actions for more general environmental issues, such as biodiversity, natural ecosystems, the climate crisis, etc. are organised as well. In the same context, the Movement organizes tours to get to know the river, its wetlands and floodplains, educational activities for children, etc.

The Movement has also intervened in cases of other smaller destructive interventions in and around the river and the wetland of its estuary, such as in the cases of clearing the bed with bulldozers, illegal concession of Green Zone A to the contractor company by the Municipality of Rafina-Pikermi for use as a construction site for the purposes of the project, arbitrary projects and the concession of Panorama beach in the A priority wetland of the estuary for business activities, etc.

On April 24, 2023, amidst the breeding season, the contracting company attempted to start the project by invading the riverbed with bulldozers, while the Council of State has not yet ruled on the legality of the river delineation. Within hours, the bulldozers completely deforested a part of the riverbed, destroying the flora and the nests, eggs and habitats of birds and other species, including migratory and protected species such as the European eel etc.

In the following days the members of the Movement formed a human chain around the bed of the River preventing the bulldozers of the contractor company from continuing the destruction. Since then, the project has been temporarily halted.

The protest of the Movement for the intervention was signed by 61 environmental organizations and collectives. Despite the great publicity the issue received in the press and social media, no measures were taken regarding the environmental liability for environmental damage (Directive 2004/35).

Following a call by the Movement, on 29.4.2023 a protest march was held in the center of Rafina with an unprecedented participation of hundreds of people, which was also attended by representatives of ecological organizations, local bodies, municipal and regional factions, etc.


Documents by Organizations

Report on the biodiversity at water bodies and the wider riparian area of the Great River of Rafina (Attica)

April 2019

Impacts of the Excavation-Cleaning Project in the Great River of Rafina

May 2023

Updated report on the scientific documentation for the demarcation of Attica's wetlands


Wetland of the estuary of Rafina's Great River (greekwetlands.biodiversity-info.gr)


Certification on the impact of the river management works

May 2023

Report on the Great River of Rafina

October 2019

Report on the Great River of Rafina

May 2023

Memorandum of the General Directorate of Antiquities & Cultural Heritage

March 2018

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